Industry Sponsored Symposia

Industry Sponsored Symposia

23rd June 2019 17:00-17:50

Zeiss Retinal Case Series
Moderator: Eric Souied

Imaging of Pigment Epithelial Detachments with OCT Angiography
Sarah Mrejen
Assistant professor in the department of Pr Sahel at the Centre Hospitalier
National Ophtalmologique des 15-20, Paris
Consultant at the Centre Ophtalmologique d’Imagerie et de Laser (CIL), Paris

The Secret to Differentiating Veins from Arteries on OCTA
K. Bailey Freund
Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York
Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, NYU School of Medicine

Clinical Case Series
Eric Souied
Président de la Fédération France Macula
Chef de Service d’ophtalmologie,
Hôpital Intercommunal de Créteil,
Hôpital Henri Mondor


24th June 2019 12:00-12:50

Innovation in management of wAMD patients: present and future
Moderator: Eric Souied

12h00-12h15: Innovation in management of wAMD patients: The Present
Pr Laurent Kodjikian, Lyon
12h15-12h30: Innovation in management of wAMD patients: The Future
Pr Pravin DUGEL
12h30-12h45: How to measure treatment success in AMD: present and future
12h45-12h50: Conclusion



24th June 2019 16:00-16:50

Chair: Pr Catherine Creuzot-Garcher

Real life data in wAMD & the future in big data – Pr Anat Loewenstein (15’)
Optimize treatment outcomes for DME patients – Dr Susan Bressler (15’)
Round table with the experts (10’)



25th June 2019 12:40-13:30

10-years of innovations in retinal disease management
Chairmen: Pr Singer USA & Pr Singerman USA

-DME management: Findings of the Prospective, Multicenter REINFORCE Study Pr Singer USA 8’
-Clinical Studies Evaluating Early treatment switch in Refractory DME Pr Querques 10’
-Individualized DME management: tips and tricks and therapeutic algorithm Pr Kodjikian 14’
-Future in AMD management: review of CEDAR/SEQUOIA and MAPPLE study results”Pr Souied 10’
-Round table 8’