About FFM

Fédération France Macula

The AMD Association was founded in 2003. In its statutes, it was initially planned to be an association of “doctors, scientists, patients and supporters”. In the past years, the AMD Association has developed educational activities and actions for primary and secondary prevention of AMD. In 2013, gaining maturity, it was time to distinguish the ‘patients’ part from the ‘doctors’ part, and then came out a new version of the AMD Association.

The patients part of the association is now autonomous, exclusively managed by and for the patients, and able to lead an independent structure as expected during the creation of the association, it kept the name of AMD Association.

Meanwhile, the Féderation France Macula, whose acronym FFM is a nod to the Fundus FlaviMaculatus, was launched in 2013. It takes over the AMD medical network and its missions. Its themes stay focused on medical macula.

It brings together ophthalmologists, orthoptists, scientists and specialists in the pathology of the macula, with the aim of achieving projects such as:

  • The organization of an annual scientific meeting, National Meeting on even years (Macula Day), International Meeting on odd years (Maculart),
  • The conduct of clinical studies, through a clinical research network oriented in macula.
  • Writing of guidelines for the retina colleagues, in collaboration with the SFO (Société Française d’Ophtalmologie).
  • In parallel, the FFM revolves around collective actions such as prevention of AMD for example, so the AMD network was acting.

The FFM gathers a network of ophthalmologists specialized in the field of medical macula, including its own scientific committee, its board of directors and its offices.